So there was this guy singing, see…

I used to have to go to student recitals when I took music appreciation in college. If they didn’t make us go, nobody would show up, because recitals were B-O-R-I-N-G. I was also taking art classes, so I’d relieve my boredom by sketching whoever was singing or playing or strumming or tooting.

So get this – 30+ years later, I’m going through college memorabilia (junk I saved) and I come across a program from some guy’s recital. I saved it because of the brilliant artwork (!), not because I remember Jeff H. But I’m thinking, hey, maybe he’s still out there singing somewhere. He sang pretty good in Italian or whatever.

Being a Google junkie, I Google Jeff H and I find this music minister – a PhD no less – at a church back East. He doesn’t list EWU in his bio, but what alum of EWU does? I look at his online photo and I look at my sketch (I was a brilliant sketcher) and I’m thinking, yup, could be!

So I email him a cautious note, because I don’t want him thinking I’m a stalker. I explain that I ran across this printed program, and he looks kind of familiar, and is it maybe him?

A few hours later I get this email:

    It’s me. Can it be thirty years ago? Let’s see, I’m 51. I guess it is.
    Please help my worn out memory: how do I know you?

Now I realize I have to ‘fess up, tell him the story, and send him the sketch and a short note saying I knew some of his accompanists from church. Later I get this email back:

    You’ve blessed me! Ah, the wonders of the internet.
    I remember that church – I attended for a number of months.
    Thank you for the sketch.
    Blessings to you and yours.

Ah the wonders of the Internet indeed – reconnecting with somebody I didn’t remember who didn’t remember me!