Take pity on me…or not

Pity me today. I’m alone with only my dog and the Olympics for company. My husband has been on the road since early Sunday, and it’s another 36 hours before he comes home. Pity me because I’m facing a house that must be cleaned of dog hair (why? it’ll only come back) and tidied up before a friend visits tomorrow.

Pity me because those I consider friends and who live close enough to visit have perfectly clean homes, so I hesitate to invite them because mine is never clean enough. Pity me because I’ve been too lazy to do more exercise that walking 1/4 mile every day to get the paper or mail, and I’ve added pounds I don’t want, which contributes to being a hermit because I don’t want to fix myself up to go out of the house knowing everyone will surely notice my big butt.

Pity me because I have two huge bowls of quickly rotting apricots on the kitchen counter that won’t last another six hours, and I must bestir myself to halve, pit, and freeze them right now. Or throw them out for the deer and magpies crowding my back yard. Pity me because I have an attic full, basement full, garage full, and barn full of 25 years of accumulated treasures (?) that need to be sorted and discarded.

Okay, enough pity. Envy me because I have an amazing, wonderful, caring, funny, loving, sensitive, kind, generous, wise husband who has changed my life in the past two years, one month I’ve known him. What else does a woman need when she has someone like Scott?